A Blueprint for Organizational, Team, and Individual Success

Section 5

Top It Out!

Chapter 16: The Blueprint for Excellence!

Chapter 17: Leading Excellence

Chapter 18: America the Excellent!




Section 3

Erect the Structure

Chapter 8: The Quality Pillar

Chapter 9: The Service Pillar

Chapter 10: The People Pillar

Chapter 11: The Growth Pillar

Chapter 12: The Finance Pillar

Section 4

Assemble the Roof

Chapter 13: The Organization Scorecard

Chapter 14: The Team Scorecard

Chapter 15: The Individual Scorecard

Table of Contents

The Excellent Experience

Foreword by Stephen M.R. Covey



Section 1

Design a Blueprint

Chapter 1: Excellentology

Chapter 2: Design a Blueprint

Section 2

Lay a Solid Foundation

Chapter 3: Build on Rock?

Chapter 4: The Mission

Chapter 5: The Vision

Chapter 6: The Principles

Chapter 7: The Standards